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Steve Woodard

About the show:
Welcome to 'Tech Travels with Steve Woodard,' where innovation meets exploration! Join me on an exhilarating journey through the ever-evolving world of technology, unraveling the untold stories, and uncovering the future's possibilities. 

From breakthrough inventions to visionary insights, embark with me as we navigate the fascinating landscapes of tech, redefining our understanding of innovation and its endless horizons.

About the host:
With over two decades of hands-on technical expertise, Steve has played pivotal roles in systems engineering and global enterprise architecture, driving digital transformation for major Fortune 100 Companies.

As the host of the Tech Travels podcast, I engage with CEOs and industry leaders, delving into the forefront of AI, Blockchain, Web3, and cutting-edge technology. With my platform, I bridge insights from top executives with my extensive background in technical innovation, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the latest advancements shaping our digital landscape.